Emergency Care

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We provide a wide variety of emergency treatments to get you back smiling again:

• Tooth Pain Relief

 Emergency Root Canals

• Abscess Infection Treatment

Loose, Lost, or Broken Fillings

• Broken Crowns, Bridges, & Veneers, Dentures

Broken Retainers

• A traumatic oral injury

Knocked Out Teeth

Emergency Extractions 

 Abscess (infection) Treatment

 Sore Gums

 Cold / Canker Sores

 TMJ Pain and more

• Persistent oral pain or swelling

• Worsening or constant tooth pain or sensitivity

 Symptoms of an abscessed tooth 

• A damaged or knocked out tooth

Don’t let a dental crisis grow into a more extensive and expensive problem! We participate with Care Credit so you don’t have to put off your dental procedure. Call (904) 731-1919 Now!


Please have your insurance information available when scheduling your first appointment so that we can verify your insurance benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket expense! 

Please remember to schedule routine dental checkups every 6 months to help maintain your healthy smile.

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